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First! Please permit wildly to tempt H to introduce our company, this male establishment to in 1978, at that time because the industry was being at the leap progressive stage,Each industrial machinery regarding the temperature, the humidity controller request for is really earnest, therefore we namely "Shimaden Co., Ltd." obtain the connection with the Japanese famous warm controlling manufacturer, passes through more than year initial period cooperations,The generation should the company product sale service in the Taiwan; 20 for many years, have continued until now, this period from the traditional indicator warm controlling sale, enhances to the high tech several controllers sale, the total surpasses above hundreds of thousands of.

Today! Thank you to glance over my company website very much, please 11 detailed reads our product, we also very much are glad for your firm to do further serve, we have the self-confidence, from now on, is expensive I the new friendship to be able to be similar to us now and between the customer the friendship same solidity

This company is Japan "SHIMADEN CO., LTD. " general agent of the product
Visit Shimaden http://www.shimaden.co.jp

Company Name:
Tairo Corporation Co., Ltd.
July, 1963
Number of employees:
20(as of March 31, 2005)
Line of business:
Burner and Furnace accessorie ,Development, manufacture and selling of temperature/humidity controllers & gas/oil burner for industrial use.
Representative director and president:Finance Lee
Senior managing director:
Zhang Da Cheng
Temperature Controller director:
Neil Lee
No. 111, 7 St., Chung Yang Hsin-Tien Taipei, Taiwan
Chain Office:
Tairo Corporation Co., Ltd.
No. 111, 7 St., Chung Yang Hsin-Tien Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: 02-2218-1475 FAX: 02-2218-1459