Shimaden Lite FREE Software :
Shimaden Lite Software is"FREE"with Shimaden controllers and enables the user full function of the controllers from the PC and has a recording feature and alarm notification. With the wizard set-up feature the program automatically locates the controllers and configures the software ready for use, no programming is required. All you need is any Shimaden controller with communications option fitted. It's the best and cheapest way to get your process on line as a convenient mini SCADA system.

Controllers Supported :
* FP21
* SR25
* SR253 (RS485 not supported)
* SR50
* SR73A/74A
* SR80 (RS485 not supported)
* MR13 (RS485 not supported)
* SD16 (RS485 not supported)
* SD20
* FP93
* SR90
* SRS10A

Shimaden Lite Guide:
* Shimaden Wizard to find controllers on the Serial Port.
* Simple navigation method to view controllers.
* Group View to view up to six controllers at once.
* CSV Report generation for viewing data in Excel
* Alert window for showing status of controller events.
* Toolbar for changing controller parameters
* " Controller Like " display and short time interval trend graph.
* Access control to prevent changes to controllers, program setups and closing program.
* Supports RS485 controllers: SR80, SR90, FP93, SD16, MR13, SR73A/74A, SR50, SD20.
* Supports RS422 controllers: SR25, SR253, FP21, SR50, SR73A/74A, SD20.

Download Guide :
* File Name: Shimaden_Lite_Install.exe
* File Size: 3.2 MB
* Runs on Windows 95,98,Me, 2000 and XP.
* Click "Download Shimaden Lite"to download the software to your desired folder.
* Double click the downloaded file to start installation.
* Follow the instructions given on each screen.
* Use a link on the desktop to "Shimaden Lite" to start the Shimaden Lite software.
* When the software is first started, the Shimaden Wizard will start, which can be used to search for the controllers/indicators on the computers serial port.
* For further details, please refer to the HELP file.

* Changes to controller setups should only be done by authorized personnel as they will effect the process that the controller is controlling..
* Shimaden accepts no responsibility for damage or losses from software supplied.
* RS485 (RS422) /RS232 line converter is required for RS485(RS422) communication fitted product.

Download Shimaden Lite (10MB)
Download Shimaden Lite n (122KB)
Data sheets: In PDF (Acrobat Reader 4.0) For downloading Adobe Reader.

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